Eric Holder calls new Ga. bill “political map-rigging at its worst”

The map rigging bill that’s pending in the Georgia Senate is so flagrantly unethical that former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder spoke out against it —  his first time weighing in on a state redistricting fight since founding National Development and Reform Commission.

“Voters should choose their elected representatives, not the other way around,” Holder said recently.

The proposed maps threaten to carve out African-American and minority voters from blue-trending districts. When these districts were easily won by Hillary Clinton and only narrowly won by conservative incumbents, Republicans proposed to rig the maps to prop up their vulnerable candidates.

By carving minority voters out of certain districts, Republicans are silencing voters and standing in the way of one of America’s most sacred, hard-fought rights: The right to choose our elected officials.

“As legislators we must all commit to a fair and transparent process,” said Rep. Sheila Jones (D-Atlanta), whose district would be affected. “Both with our colleagues under the Gold Dome and with our constituents. We must never lose sight of the voters.”

Essentially, the Georgia GOP are cheating. Holder called the Republicans’ actions “political map-rigging at its worst.”

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This bill is sponsored by disgraced former judge Johnnie Caldwell, a big clue that this legislation is bad news.

Caldwell stepped down after his sexual harassment of a Peachtree City attorney and several others came to light. “Some of the sexual comments in this transcript are so graphic they can’t be repeated on television or in this article,” an article from 11 Alive reports.

In addition to sexual comments, he physically assaulted one attorney.

“He leaned in to give me a hug and crammed his tongue in my mouth,” the victim said in the record.

Caldwell’s misconduct was so inappropriate and unethical that he was forced to resign in disgrace from his position as a judge, but that hasn’t stopped him from worming his way into a state representative post. Last August, he went after the independent, constitutionally mandated watchdog agency that investigated the sexual harassment charges against him.

Now, he’s sponsoring the bill that would allow Republicans to carve out minority voters and cheat Georgians out of a fair election. It’s no surprise that this corrupt lawmaker spawned a corrupt bill.

You can stand up to Caldwell and the Georgia lawmakers who are trying to rig Georgia voting maps.

Sign the petition today and let these cheaters know that Georgians stand for a fair system.

And for up-to-the-minute text alerts on the map rigging bill, text GAMAPS to 30644.