Legislature approves city’s request for charter change


Gov. Nathan Deal has signed a bill containing the city’s request to amend its charter to change the title of the city’s at-large commissioner to mayor.

The proposed charter change will continue to retain the city’s present form of government. If the change is approved locally, the elected mayor will be assigned the administrative duties now performed by the commission’s chairperson. The mayor also will have the duty to preside over all commission meetings and to perform the other traditional duties now performed by the Board of Commissioners’ chairperson.

Georgia District 130 Rep. David Knight (R-Griffin) filed the charter request change, also known as House Bill 911, in February. The bill was approved by the House in February and by the Senate in March.

Now that the bill has been approved by the state Legislature, the request will be on the local May 22 ballot. Griffin residents will decide at that time if they want to proceed with the charter change, City Chief of Staff Jessica O’Connor said Monday.

HB911 was sponsored by Knight and Georgia District 73 Rep. Karen Mathiak (R-Griffin).