Teen Pregnancy
Building The Path to Reading Proficiency
Framework for Providing All Students an Opportunity to Learn (2010) Download this publication (.pdf)
On Monday, July 26, the NAACP and a coalition of civil rights groups released a six-point plan for providing more educational equity in the next reauthorization of the nation’s key education law.
Discrimination and Mortgage Lending in America (2010) Download this publication (.pdf)
A summary of the disparate impact of subprime mortgage lending on African Americans
Year One: Toward Safe Communities, Good Schools and a Fair Chance for All Americans(2010) Download this publication (.pdf)
This NAACP White Paper explores the priorities necessary for Congress, the Obama Administration and other key policymakers to create a progressive policy agenda for all Americans.
Countering Discrimination in Mortgage Lending (May 2010) (2010) Download this publication (.pdf)
In 2009, the NAACP released Discrimination and Mortgage Lending in America: A Summary of the Impact of Subprime Lending on African Americans. To encourage transparency and fairness in the processes of obtaining quality loans and to improve the relationships between financial institutions and people of color and other historically disadvantaged borrowers, the NAACP has developed nine principles of fairness in banking and lending. Countering Discrimination in Mortgage Lending in America: An NAACP Guide for Fair Lending discusses the NAACP fair lending principles and how they are intended to help protect borrowers.